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Creditsesame has not updated my score for sept and oct.

 Every time I try to update my information by clicking review now it logs off and says connection or internal error.

What could be the problem. Credit sesame does not know. If I click review later then it shows me my report that says updated oct 18 with August credit score of 711

   I use all of my cards every month so that is not the problem.   creditsesame said to call bureau and see if account is froze or fraud alert but  CS website says connection or internal error. Last month I opened a email from a fake chase email so they sent me a new freedom card and  mentioned that they would contact credit bureau and had me forward the emails to them,(chase).  I emailed chase last night and they said IM sorry I don't see a fraud alert on your account.  Anyone experience this before?
 This is for August.