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Re: International Student - What can I do to improve my credit?

I would suggest you apply for a Walmart card at the end of this month. Make sure that you have 6 months history with your Wells Fargo card before applying. Walmart might start you out with a really low limit but they are really great with automatic credit line increases. You also get a free TU FICO08 score after signing up for electronic bill pay.


I would also suggest that you apply for a Captal One (Journey) card after the Walmart card. You should easily be approved as long as you have that 6 month history with Wells Fargo.


You have a VERY thin file and the sooner you get more good credit reporting the better.


Once your Wells Fargo card turns 1 year old, apply for a BoA 1-2-3 Rewards card and a Chase Freedom card.


Good luck!

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