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Re: Comcast Hard Pull!! What the??

BGinVA wrote:

Yeap, Dish Network, hp'd me last fall when I switched over from Directv (changed only so I could get local news stations we couldn't get with Dircetv).  Thing that ticked me off, is they told me some crap about checking with the previous service provider to see if I was paid up to date (which I was) so I said "sure", and it wasn't until a few weeks later when I checked My FICO that I realized they didn't check anything with Directv, they hard pulled my credit report. 

Dang! Just realized I got a pull from Comcast as well. I didn't even sign up for their service - I don't remember what I did back then. Does an inquiry from Comcast matter to lenders? They understand this doesn't imply credit seeking don't they?