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Re: Comcast Hard Pull!! What the??

Thread revival lol. In PR my experience has been that they HP for most cable services or request a hefty deposit if you don't want credit to be verified. The same for cell phones, HP if you want a discounted device.


For Internet (dsl) I didn't got HP, I recently requested cable as well and they didn't HP (though it is a 12 month contract or pay $100 deposit for the DVR). For cell phone service I bought my own device (old school tonka nokia that never breaks xD) and subscribed to a month to month plan, no HP even though I pay 1 month after service is used <- probably did a SP as they requested SSN.


I agree with HP if you want a discounted/free device, but if all you want is service then it does more harm than good (IMO). Sad thing is that most companies penalize the prepay subscribers with higher costs for the same service on top of the cost for the device.

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