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Re: How accurate is Score Watch ?? 726 v. 657 **bleep**.

badgerviper wrote:

I said credit card not mortgage. I'd use FICO for mortgages specifically. The last 2 credit cards I got had scores within 5 points when I ordered directly from the CRA and not one of  those "get all 3 scores!" deals....I don't expect the scores to be EXACTLY the same. I do know there is a disclaimer on the websites saying they are using a proprietary model to simulate a score -- I just didn't think it would be 50+ points off.

You can't assume that the next time you pull your FAKO, it will be within 5 points of whatever specific FICO version a lender is using.  And neither FICO nor FAKO is going to track with an internal scoring algorithm.  It just happened to be close based on the information that is on your report currently.

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