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Re: Creditsesame has not updated my score for sept and oct.

If I had that I would start by clearing out the cookies and cache out of my computer. There are times I'm stuck seeing a broken page when it works fine on another computer. I'd also try another computer. 


If that didn't work, then I'd pull my CR directly from or use the freebie at Most of the time the CSR is wrong and it's worth backing up the existence or non-existence of a FA based on the comments in the full report (not seen elsewhere or via other 3rd-party sources). Even if you didn't place a FA, a creditor can (maybe not legally...I'll reserve that for others). It's a well-known fact, for example, that if you dispute an inquiry, there's a high probablility of an automatically placed FA. Likewise, questioning an account due to potential fruadulent activity (e.g. the bogus e-mail), can remotely result in a FA.


If the computer is OK and 100% for sure there is no FA, then I'd just start bugging them (CS).


Don't correlate CS' score with your EX FICO because you can't. It might be spot on today and 50 points off tomorrow. Different scoring factors and different scoring range.