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Re: Creditsesame has not updated my score for sept and oct.

Hopefully this is the last post for this subject from me. The reason for me contacting creditsesame is, when the website says we have updated your information please click review now or review later, I can stay on this page if I click review later. If I click review now it logs out with a message that says we have encountered a internal or connection problem. Please contact CS to try and resolve the issue. I did and CS said contact Experian and see if I have freeze or fraud alert. I contacted Experian and I don't have either. That's when I posted should I send CS a new email  or forget it.   Thanks for trying to resolve this mess. I should have only made one post. Learned something here from this. 

CK transrisk 667/ June (Vantage 733/June) ( 695 / May
Walmart 672/June.....686/July Equifax 7/6 686
credit sesame 725, June 2013
Quizzle 680 Sept/ /2012 696/March