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Re: Walmart CC + CreditKarma = poor man's TU monitoring service?

Jutz wrote:

Sigh...Also guilty. 






Not sure why EX doesn't want my money, but I'd pay for my EX scores too. 

Cause EX makes more by misleading millions of people a year with and millions of sites that provide the Experian Plus score. People think they know their scores, then get declined cause the scores were off and keeps many people who have questionable credit from ever applying for  new lines of credit which helps the banks.


Personally I'm sure they have a deal with eachother, cause there's NO reason besides profit margins that they would NOT sell you your real score. You should be able to go to a bank and request your scores before you have to apply for something. No point in a useless decline or acceptance of bad terms.


They won't sell it to you because more inquries = drop in credit score = better profit margins for the banks or other lending companies is generally all it comes down to. If you don't have your real score then it's easier to create  problems that would make it harder for you to get prime loans. Personally I think every Fako score should be considered fraud unless it boldly state "Scores might not be reflect or match the same scores that the lenders will pull, a Fico score is what most lenders use" and should have a list of every bank or institutions that uses the Experian Plus score if any. I believe FICO should also list all the companies who uses Fico scoring for their risk assement as well, but that's bordering too much on the concept of common sense and a honest business practice. No one wants honesty they just want comforting lies. 

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