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Re: Walmart CC + CreditKarma = poor man's TU monitoring service?

FAKO is a huge business, and everyone can make their own version as a marketing tool. Most are based of Fico but even the Fico president doesn't hae a 800 score so there's things he doesn't understand or care about either.Remember FAKO is just a guess estimation of your Fico, not that Fico is the only thing lenders use but majority of the time it's still true. Which seems like it's changing more and more these days. you only really need to know your Fico is before a big purchase. Just don't make stupid credit decisions and keep everything in check and especially if you have nothing bad on your reports knowing your score becomes irrelevant. just free credit monitoring through sites like creditsesame and creditkarma would be enough even though it's only 2/3 bureaus since they use your middle score for a mortgage all you need to really know is 2 out of the 3. Take the lower of your two scores and that's the number you should get a loan on worst case scenario, or the higher number in your best case =)


Jutz wrote:

Ok, signed up for Quizzle, good looking site, nice features.  Can anyone explain however, FAKO or not, why my EX scores from CK and now Quizzle would be so out of whack with what makes sense?  I know scores vary and FAKO can be quite inaccurate, but CS has me at 661 FAKO, and now Quizzle has me at 685.  I do not consider these to be an accurate representation of my credit profile as I have a pretty realistic grasp on my credit situation.  My profiles at all three bureaus are identical, save a HP at TU from my recent Walmart card.


Edit: said CK instead of CS

total credit limits $108,400 Credit scores Ex 728 EQ 738 TU 758