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Re: Prosper Personal Unsecured Installment Loans

She just got an e-mail from Propser saying here score was too low. They used Experian, and for whatever her acount with the longest history is the one that chose only to report to Equifax and Transunion, so the score from that one is way off from the other 2. Another one that used transunion said they couldn't do it eventhough they reported a score of 717.They're saying her credit history isn't long enough, and her current loan (auto loan) has too high a balance. The loan started off at almost 13K with a payment of $385 in June. I think she's probably paid an extra 100 on each payment. I guess the next step is to try to get the loan under 10K and pay her credit card down to 0 and see what happens in a few months.