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Re: Should an account of my wifes be on my credit report?

Reminder to anyone responding to this thread: It's 5 yrs old and OP hasn't been around since then.


spiek wrote:

Your wife can certainly legally add you to her credit card as an authorized user. This means that you could get a card so that you can legally use the account if you wish. However, I was told (by a credit card rep when I had my daughter on my card as an authorized user) that she would not build credit as an authorized user; she would only build credit as a joint user. So, I am surprised that the credit information appears on your credit card. Are you sure you are not a "joint" user.

Both FICO and creditors alike can and do consider AU accounts and it is a good way to help build credit. FICO looks at AU accounts equal to and on par as if it were your own accounts. Creditors generally don't mind AU accounts and they certainly help. However, if you have a 100% reliance on AU accounts, then than can be an issue for some lenders. There are some posts in Mortgage Loans, for example, where the lender asked the borrower-to-be to remove AU accounts. It's OK to have a couple to get started, just don't rely 100% on them.

OP hasn't been on in 5 years, but it is normal for an AU to appear like that without providing a SSN. Happens all the time.