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Re: Walmart CC + CreditKarma = poor man's TU monitoring service?
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Jutz wrote:

Totally agree with focusing on low score as worst case, I guess I just don't understand how an approximation of FICO can be so off in two places.  I'll be interested to see my TU08 score from Walmart when my card finally comes in the mail.

That's because it is inaccurate to say that FAKOs are an approximation of FICO scores.  They are competing risk assessments, some marketed to lenders, some not.  They purposefully include different information and/or weight information differently.  So while they are both trying to predict risk, a FAKO is not necessarily meant to be a reverse engineered FICO.  Especially when you consider that some work on different score ranges.  In those circumstances, you would actually expect the scores to be different because the same numerical value would not equate to the same credit risk. 

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