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Pet Peeve: Online applications that won't let you use P.O. Box anywhere on Application

Just did a mini app spree--RedCard and Kohls. I got approved for both. $300 CL on Kohls, UNK on RedCard. My computer went haywire while Target was processing my request and completely shut down before it was complete. I rebooted and checked e-mail. I was approved and should get my card in 7-10 days. Except that 7-10 days will be more like 1-2 months. The problem is with both of these cards you cannot enter a PO Box for your address. What the heck are those of us with no mail service at our physical address supposed to do? I had the same problem when I applied for Cap1 in May...didn't get my card until Sept. because I had to first get my credit report, then call to get them to cancel the first card in case someone else had it, get them to reissue new card and change mailing address in their system so that everything would come to my PO Box, instead of being returned to sender as undeliverable or laying in the "dead-mail" warehouse. This is all because of the stupid unconstitutional Patriot Act! I can't even call these companies yet because I don't have my confirmation numbers due to my stupid computer going all haywire! I tried to check status on Target's site, but need a confirmation number, which they did not even put in their e-mail to me. Oh, well, I guess I'll just wait for them to show up on my CR and then call them to send the cards to's time to hang out in the garden for awhile. Then my app spree continued because I had to apply for Care Credit so hubby can go to dentist-they do allow you to use PO Box on online app--got approved for $2000 I asked for so now hubby can get a root canal if he needs one). Anyone else have this problem with PO Box? If you have your own pet peeve about credit, please post it on this thread.

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