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I'm so geeked...!!!

So I'm a month in my credit repair and working with an agency to dispute items on my cr. I've read so much about credit in this month and followed the advice the agency gave me and applied for a CC (they told me 2, but I'll get to the 2nd one later). I was approved for a Discover. I check 2 of my scores today and they jumped over 700!!!!

In my wallet: Discover More $11,300 11/2/12 | Chase Freedom $500 11/8/12

Initial 10/14/12 (Free Score): TU 621 /EQ 621 /EX 618
Current: 1/13/13 (Free Score): TU 708 /EQ 677 /EX 698
Initial EQ FICO: 670 11/2/12
Current EQ FICO: 698 1/13/13