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My Plan...I think
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So I think I'm going to call them and see what this is all about.  I'm wondering what info I should or shouldn't provide.  Since I haven't seen anything in the mail or my CR, I'm wondering if I provide them info, if they'll use it to attribute it as my debt and put it on my CR.  As I said above, I'm pretty certain it's not my debt, so I'm not worried there but I would like to avoid the hassle of trying to get something cleared off my CR if I could have just not called and avoided it originally.  If I ask them who the creditor is, will they tell me?  If it's not one i know, will they take my word that it's not mine?  Right now I think I'm only going to provide my name and number since I know they know both of these.  If they are uncooperative, I change my tact to ignoring them.