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Dispute with Capital One - removed authorized user but the person still uses the card
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Hi everyone, really hope I can get some advice here.


I'm not a US citizen but I was in the States for graduate study for 2 years and half more year working. I do have a SSN because I had several jobs in the States then.

I have a capital one card since early 2010 with a credit limit of $2500 (originally $2000 but got raised due to my sound payment history). I added a person (former roommate) as authorized user in 2011 because the person agreed to share payments (I did it as a favor). However, the person turned out to be a disaster and never paid the bills. I was responsible for all his payments then. I called in capital one to remove him from the account and I removed him from online banking - authorized user list. When I called in capital one, I asked the rep specifically if his card will be automatically invalid upon my request of removal and the rep told me yes, no worries. The rep never told me to request a new card (see later on the problems).


All the drama started since then. I left the States at the beginning of 2012 for a job opportunity overseas. I have three existing credit cards back then but I paid off all the balances knowing I won't be using the cards (I left thinking I will not come back to the US). In July 2012, I ordered a credit report from Equifax because I'm immigrating back to the States soon. It was then when I found out that the former roommate maxed out my three existing credit cards and opened six other accounts with my SSN. Everything has been resolved with the identity theft. The evidences are all in my favor - him applying for new cards and using existing credit cards (he can enter card info on his merchange gateway and run transactions without the actual cards. So while I still have possession of the three existing cards, he can do the transactions with the cards) right on the after the day I left, he on purpose mis-spelled his last name when he himself opened a second card, the transactions mainly for his own business, etc.


The two other existing credit cards have all cleared up my accounts due to fraud and the other six new ones either cleared up or waiting for me to file a police report so they can close the case. So it's all good BUT the capital one. I reported all transactions with capital one card after the day I left the country as fraud. However, the adjuster put the charges back saying that although I called in to remove him, I didn't retrieve his card, so I should be held responsible still even tho I removed him online and by calling in. It's absolutely insane in my eyes because I called in to capital one to remove him and it was capital one's rep then who didn't provide me with the right information (actually reassuring me that it's OK).

I really hope you can give me some advice here. I spoke with a different account specialist couple of days ago. She was very understanding and asked me to file a police report so they can reopen the case and also submit my evidence of leaving the country (visas, flight info) so they can know that all transactions after I left were not made by me. But she said let's HOPE a different adjustor with the police report will rule differently.


Any more advice guys?