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Re: Dispute with Capital One - removed authorized user but the person still uses the card

Yes, I closed down all the accounts already.

I realized that I should be responsible for the payments for an authorized user when I actually have someone as authorized user. The issue is I removed him by calling in and online but the capital one rep told me the wrong information and didnt have me request a new card!

He is a very cunning person. He takes advantage of the fact I'm not US citizen so he figured I would have a big hassle coming back the States. However, I'm immigrating back next year. I emailed him about all the happenings and he admitted it. He didn't specify on all the accounts but he said that he's been in such a financial mess with his own life and business that he had to do so. He has no money or no intentions to pay. I know that he also has a business partner before that he owes more than $12,000 to. Basically, he cannot pay.