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Re: 9 accounts in my credit report

khidma wrote:

Thank you guys.


Wouldn't it look bad to creditor if i have 7 credit card instead of 5 or 4 cards with higher limit and reward?


Do you suggest to just go ahead and deposit $5000 payment on each auti loan to drop the balance?

Idk,  there can be a thing called too much avaliable credit and too much recent credit to some lender.  But every lender is different.



There are many ppl on here who have 20-30 cards.  I think that is way too many.  I think 2-3 is plenty.


If you are having trobule managing your cards then yes its best to close the ones you don't use/won't use.


If you like the idea of gaining some more age in your cards before you finaly do close them, then SD is option for you.