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Re: 9 accounts in my credit report

If you usually pay your cards in full by the due date, you might as well pay them  by the statement date and get the benefit of a low reported balance. If you take a ten mile walk with someone, it's an option staying next to him rather than two steps behind, as your speed is the same anyway.

If you have a really old card and it has an annual fee, it can be less expensive in the bigger picture to keep it open, in the form of lower interest rates on future loans. On the other hand of course, American consumers are allergic to high upfront prices. We live in a culture of financing.

This topic is highly entertaining. People have advice in all directions about how many cards are best. I personally don't care. You can have a high score with just one card or with forty cards. I have four individual cards, one joint and three AU. Haven't changed a thing for two years. Smiley Very Happy