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Re: Length of time TransUnion gets to investigate

I ended up sending them  this letter:


"I recently received this letter(copy enclosed), which made no sense to me . On Monday October 22, 2012, I spoke with one your customer service representatives.  They were unable to help me in clarifying and correcting this issue.
 It’s not clear to me why you would need an additional 15 days to resolve these disputes.  
 It seems to me that you’ve mistaken my two sets of disputes and being one and the same.  That is not the case.  
  My first disputes, the ones you received on 10/11/12, were sent by mail. They were in reference to Central Collection Unit and ROI.
  My second set of disputes, were submitted online through your website on 10/14/12. These were in reference to RJM Acquisitons, Jefferson Capital Systems, HSBC, and First Bank of Delaware.

 According to the FAQs section of the TransUnion website:

What if I submit more than one dispute at the same time?

“We will investigate all of the records in question during the same time period. At the conclusion of the investigation, you will receive a report reflecting all of the results. Please allow 5-7 business days following the completion of our investigation for mail delivery. Please note that if the dispute investigation was initiated online, you will be notified via email and can view the results of the investigation immediately.”

 It would seem to me that according to this policy, you still must complete each set of investigations  within 30 calendar days of receiving them.  If you don’t comply with the FCRA and your own dispute policy, I shall fully exercise my rights(legal or otherwise) in order to correct the matter."


They stuck to the 30 day timeframe. I just got the results today.  Continental Finance/First Bank of DE + ROI were removed.