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Please refresh my memory....

A received a voicemail from a Mr. X with CMS looking for Mr. Duh.   Mr. X informed me that I was related to Mr. Duh and he was looking for Mr. Duh to collect on some bad checks.


1.  If I remember correctly, Mr. X can only call me ONCE trying to locate Mr. Duh.  Is this correct?

2.  Mr. X should NOT have stated he was looking for Mr. Duh to collect on bad checks.  (He's not suppose to say why he's calling, right?)

3.  I have already pulled my annual reports (just a few weeks ago).  I am concerned because Mr. X called my cell phone number.   The only way I can think of that Mr. X got my phone number was if he pulled my credit.  Mr. Duh has never had this number, nor have any of his friends, or his relatives.  (His real and his fake relatives.)   Can I pull my credit reports again to find out if Mr. X pulled my credit??  <my cell phone is not even in my name, that is how careful I have been; it's not even tied to any accounts.>

4.  I am unable to find a website for Mr. X (CMS and Associates).  Bad sign?

5.  I googled Mr. X's phone number (caller ID and what he left in voicemail are the same).  Just a few very recent complaints about Mr. X calling from CMS to collect on a debt.

6.  As of a few months ago, Mr. Duh still lived in the same house, drove the same car, and had the same bank.   A friend reported that she had driven by and Mr. Duh was still there and so was his car.  I have not seen or talked to Mr. Duh in seven years.  (Moved and changed my phone number and email.  I do NOT want Mr. Duh to know where I am.)   Is there something else I can do to verify where Mr. Duh is without having any contact with him?

7.  Should I be suspicious that Mr. X is really trying to nail me for something?


Thanks you (in advance) for reading and responding.