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Equifax says myFICO is a hard inquiry but...

myFICO maintains it is soft.


I ordered the Score Watch product and found an inquiry I wanted to dispute.  Called the Equifax bureau number on the myFICO report, and the Agent (who spoke in a heavy foreign accent) told me to call the creditor directly and then before hanging up told me that there was an inquiry from today.  He told me it was from myFICO.  True, I did sign up for the program but why the Agent said it was a hard inquiry had me plexed.


I called myFICO and the Agent told me Equifax was wrong.  When I told her that it's difficult to not believe the bureau themself she said to trust her and then she backed it up by directing me to the part in the inquiries page that explains no inquiries are displayed that are of zero consequence.  That seems to be believable, too.


So, when you all review your full credit reports does myFICO appear in the soft or hard inquiry category?


Thanks in advance!

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