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Re: Equifax says myFICO is a hard inquiry but...

brother7 wrote:



I signed up for Scorewatch 11/15/2011. I pulled my second Scorewatch report 10/16/2012.


I pulled my EQ report from on 10/22/2012. The Inquiries section of the EQ report reads like this:



EQUIFAX   10/22/2012

FAIR ISAAC   10/16/2012, 11/15/11

ND-FAIR ISAAC   11/15/11


EQUIFAX or EFX    Inquiries with these prefixes indicate Equifax's activity in response to your contact with us for a copy of your credit file or a research request.

ND   Inquiries with this prefix are general inquiries that do not display to credit grantors. (ND inquiries remain for 24 months.)



Now I'm confused. It looks like myFICO did a soft AND hard pull when I initially signed up for Scorewatch, then did a hard pull when I got the second report. That doesn't sound quite right. Can someone explain?

Your above comes from the soft inquiries section of your full EQ report. These are softs and not hard inquiries. It's normal.