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Re: Letter from CA, Not My Account
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Debt collectors notoriously dont do a reasonable investigation of legitimacy of the asserted consumer when initiating collection activity.

That is the primary purpose of the DV process.... to compel them to state that they have investigated the accuracy, and have obtained verification from the creditor that you are the asserted debtor.  It's at least a clearing house to get them on record as stating that they have investigated and obtained verification, however shallow, of you as the debtor.


Dont ignore it.  Any time one is out there asserting you owe a debt, it is important to get it resolved.

Send a DV within the 30-day period of their dunning notice, and they will be compelled to cease collection activity until they have at least asserted back to you that they have obtained verification of the accuracy of their collection.


Since you have no recollection of the debt, I suggest that you also include in your DV letter a request for the name and address of the original creditor.  Response to a DV is not required to include such disclosure unless specifically requested in the DV. It will require more of them, and additionally give you more info to possibly identify the source of the allged debt.