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Re: Equifax says myFICO is a hard inquiry but...

llecs wrote:


If you look in here you'll find MANY posts talking about uninformed EQ CSR-types. It's amazing the amount of disinformation that comes from them. There are a few posts in here from EQ agents saying that they scores they offer are FICO scores, when in fact the scores they push are FAKOs. Or even a couple posts in here saying that the agent told them that myFICO does not offer FICO scores. Anything to sell you on something I guess.

It's pretty frustrating that the single piece of information that has such a strangle-hold on our lives is so amiguous.  It's like taxes - have your return prepared by three different preparers and you owe or overpaid by three different amounts?  How exactly is that?  If we are to get a grip on our personal activities and understand how those activities affect our credit info there should really be a better, more easily understood process explained to us - the credit holders.  This system leaves too much to chance.  



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