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Re: Understanding agencies that buy your loans once defaulted

You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig.  Yes, it does make a difference if it's delinquint or not.  So if I have an account that's been CO'd for 5 years and is purchased by a CA, they can just list themselves as a "Factoring Company", start adding 120 day lates to it, change the terms and the DOFD?  Well then let's just take this whole FDCPA thing and throw it out the window.  I say this because I've dealt with it first hand.


 Yes, there are "Factoring Companies".  But they are not these CAs.  It is an exploit, and they will continue to use it until they get called out on it by someone that has some authority over it.  If this was the norm, why hasn't it been that way from the beginning?  It's because one found it,  found it useful and now the rest are following suit.  I can assure you that Portfolio, Midland, LVNV, et al. are not out buying out accounts that are in good standing, they are out buying collections.



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