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Re: Account closed by grantor= -16 on FICO

jsucool76 wrote:

nodaysoff wrote:
So I called and spoke to the sup/manager, she confirmed that a soft pull was done and my score being at a 579 before the 629 jump didnt meet their criteria. She also said once its colaed they cannot reopen the account not even the day after. Slightly piss right now, not sure what to do next,



If you haven't used the card in 2 years, why are you upset? You weren't using it at it wasn't doing anything for you...


The 16 point decrease in your score is likely due to a drop in available credit, causing an increase in your utilization. Nothing that can't be fixed by making a few payments. 

Agree with you -- GE typically closes account with 2 yrs inactivity (they send out a statement saying as much -- even with a $0 balance the statement will go out or a letter that says the account is about to be closed), the score drop is most likely due to the utilization.