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Inconvenienced by NFCU! Is this standard policy?

Before I go the twitter/facebook route(IMO quickest way to clean up customer service issues), I need to know if this is standard protocol.

Found a motorcycle through private party, NFCU financed the bike. Yet they made the cashier's check($3000) out to me and him. 
I sign it and turn it over to him, yet the guys own bank(US Bank and a few that isn't a member of) will not cash it unless I am in the same branch also. This guy lives three hours away.
Why would NFCU do this? It isn't made out to me OR him...made out to him and I have to drive 3 hours round trip today(he's meeting halfway) to get this cashed.
Let me know if this standard for NFCU to issues cashier checks in this manner....
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