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Re: Inconvenienced by NFCU! Is this standard policy?

XxRaVeNxX wrote:

Before I go the twitter/facebook route(IMO quickest way to clean up customer service issues), I need to know if this is standard protocol.

Found a motorcycle through private party, NFCU financed the bike. Yet they made the cashier's check($3000) out to me and him. 
I sign it and turn it over to him, yet the guys own bank(US Bank and a few that isn't a member of) will not cash it unless I am in the same branch also. This guy lives three hours away.
Why would NFCU do this? It isn't made out to me OR him...made out to him and I have to drive 3 hours round trip today(he's meeting halfway) to get this cashed.
Let me know if this standard for NFCU to issues cashier checks in this manner....

This is standard.  Think of it this way, at least they are protecting you by making sure that the check isn't made out to him, and he cashes the check without delivering the vehicle. I see it as a minor inconvenience at best.

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