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Re: IRS taxes DUE and conerns
Technically, you do not "owe" taxes until January 1. Also, taxes are not "due" til around April 15th. The mortgage underwriter will not know that you owe this money until they pull your tax transcripts. If you wait til file until AFTER the mortgage goes through, they likely will never know, as tax installments are not factored into the equation unless you're signed up for a written installment plan with the IRS. So far, this hasn't happened yet, so the payment won't be included in your DTI. You may want to look at adjusting your withholdings by completing a new w4 at work. Also, I wouldn't start sending checks to the IRS if I were you, I would just save that money into a savings account until the money is actually due.... on April 15th. That way, you're not giving out an interest free loan. adjusting your w-4 would likely be a much better way to pay more without raising eyebrows.

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