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Re: IRS taxes DUE and conerns

Well, i'd have to show my 2012 tax transcripts because i'd have to show that i've not continued on my sole propritorship which was a loss a year earlier.

anyways, so if i close in April 2013, so they'd need the transcripts in March 2013. so pulling transcripts show the amount still owed to IRS?? i didn't know that.


how about this?

i don't sign up for installments, but make payments on my own.

February 2013 -  200.00

March 2013      -  200.00

April 2013         -  1800.00


this way they don't have a installment plan to factor into my DTI.


now if i can't make payment in April 2013, then only i sign up for installment. by then the bank should close the mortgage. adjusting W4 would take more out of my paycheck so, would decrease my savings.


thanks in advance for your input.

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