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Strange error on my credit report. advice needed


I just started to use this monitoring service from Equifax, and look at those crazy details about the account age of equifax


To help you understand, i have 3 credit card accounts. The oldest one is 6 months old , and the other two accouns are 2 months old.


What is amazing is the length of credit history that shows up on Equifax (2 months), and the average is 3 months. How can the average be higher than your history? I called equifax 10 times and I was transferred from the dispute dept to personal solution dept all the time. Everybody says it's not a problem with them and something with my account not reporting right.

But when i select my accounts it shows up as 6 months old, just on the account age summary something is wrong

Anybody has any suggestion ?


here is a copy paste of that:



Account Age

Usually it is a good idea to keep your oldest credit account open, as a high average account age generally demonstrates stability to lenders. Also, especially if you have been managing credit for a short time, opening many new accounts will lower your average account age and may have a negative impact.

Length of Credit History0 Years, 2 Months0 Years, 6 Months0 Years, 6 Months
Average Account Age0 Years, 3 Months0 Years, 3 Months0 Years, 3 Months
Oldest AccountCAPITAL ONE (Opened 09/2012)CAP ONE (Opened 09/2012)CAP ONE (Opened 09/2012)
Most Recent AccountCAPITAL ONE (Opened 09/2012)CAP ONE (Opened 09/2012)CAP ONE (Opened 09/2012)


This is a copy paste that equifax do has the right information on my oldest account:


Account Type: 
Revolving Revolving Revolving 
Account Number: 
Payment Responsibility: 
Individual Individual Individual 
Date Opened: 
05/2012 05/2012 05/2012 

Starting Score: EQ 683 TU 714
Current Score: EQ 683 TU 714
Goal Score: EQ 740 TU 740

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