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Re: New and need some help [approved for Blue] Thank you ! :)

Thank you for your help, Smiley Happy


now I wounder, the BLUE card should be outdated for more than 9 years of history, I wounder if I should wait until it reports to CR

when I paid the balance my FICO score went up tp 745, this when I applied for the BCP and got instant approval, I am sure the score will drop a littel after 

the inq however the FICO score sim tells me that my score should go UP right away after the CBP because the 2 main reasons 

for pulling my score down acording to myFICO are:

1- no revolving account 

2- co credit card reporting [ only charge card ]

so, should I wait for a month until this happends [ also an Inq is due to be droped in the next few days ], and apply for Chase Freedom 1st ? or go with Walmart 

I would like also to have Amex Delta card, but waitting for a better bonus offer 


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