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Re: New and need some help [approved for Blue] Thank you ! :)

I take that back! If you want a CC with cash back and no annual fee, Chase Freedom is a good card.


For your app spree a month or so from now, I would suggest applying for the Chase Freedom first and then the Walmart card. Apply for them one right after another on the same day.


After the Chase and Walmart cards are 6 months old I would suggest applying for 2 more cards, one each from the following prime banks:


CitiBank (Diamond Preferred, Cash Back)

Bank of America (1-2-3 Rewards, Cash Back)


Wells Fargo


You will then have enough credit to last a lifetime. You will have credit cards with 4 out of the 6 prime banks that do business in the USA. If you take care of these cards they will take care of you. You can call every 6 months for CLIs if you feel your CL aren't high enough and get them.


Make sure you stop back and let us know how it is going.

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