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Re: Credit Monitoring Service (CMS) Guide
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Movin_on_up wrote:

I'm interested in the LastPass credit monitoring service as well if there is anyone with additional info.


I use (and pay) for their other services. 

Here's the skinny. The T&C refers back to a service called "ID Watchdog" and available through a website of the same name. Lastpass is reselling this product. I called them [and] ID Watchdog (premium) offers a one-time only pull of your 3-in-1 report showing balances, TLs, inquiries, etc. You do not get updated reports at all with this service and the focus is on the credit monitoring aspect. However, they said if you called them quarterly they will provide a complimentary 3-in-1 report refresh. The monitoring on the Premium product monitors all 3 reports daily and updates you as you see changes. It also monitors non-credit sources for changes due to ID theft. The scores are one-time only and are either a VantageScore or a TransRisk FAKO score. The product source comes from TransUnion itself which explains why their basic level only includes TU. Once I figure out the score, I'll add it. with many resells, the product discription can vary slightly, including the price. The T&C matched though with ID Watchdog and LastPass.