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Re: SOL on Payday Loans in TX

Ok... So after reporting those SHARKS  and their threats of being arrested, serving me papers and whatnot..... Someone heard me upstairs and FINALLY did something...


This last friday there was a article in the local paper (HAHAHAHAHAH) WARNING local people about the company and they are calling people through our county scaring them with threats of being served, or being arrested unless they pay. If I could link the article I would but at leas the people within THREE counties around me wont be harrassed anymore by these jerks.


Also another article I read that whataburger SUED NCO for repeatedly calling them for an employee who owed a debt.


I wish more of us consumers had GUTS to fight back! The more we know the better we are... Just because we owe/owed a debt doesnt mean that is a license to treat us like dogs.

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