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Re: YRe: Phone call by law firm

If I had that, I'd return the phone. Going forward, the calls will intensify and get worse. They can't remove it if the friend listed the phone he lent you as a point of contact. You can tell them to stop, but they are allowed to continue calling because it's his phone and you are not him. Definitely don't engage in any conversation because it'll make it worse for the friend with added collection activity. If you didn't want to return it for some reason, then don't answer the calls. Your friend can write these creditors and ask them to stop calling, but will also make it worse. It's like poking at a bee hive when you tell them to stop calling because an alternative is to sue.


Unsolicited here, but also don't get involved with handling others' finances unless you have a power of attorney to do so. I'd be afraid that the friend might come back and say that you should have taken care of the bill as soon as the first call came in. Or have that friend come back on you for any credit report dings or for any added interest or fees if or when they are sued for that debt.