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Re: Walmart CC + CreditKarma = poor man's TU monitoring service?

crew99 wrote:

I was thinking about getting a walmart card so I can get a free TU monitoring service.  But I'm reading all over their credit app on the website and it's not telling me the service comes with it.  Is it just a given with ANY walmart credit card?  Or a specific one?  I see a walmart discover and a walmart credit card.  Should I be applying online or in store or what's the best way to take advantage of the offer.

Walmart cards offer a free TU08 credit score monthly but not TU report monitoring. For daily monitoring of your TU report, sign up for Credit Karma. I use Walmart + Credit Karma together to keep track of my status with TransUnion.


The free TU credit score offer applies to both the Walmart store card and the Walmart Discover card. To opt-in, you need to sign up for paperless statements. When you do, there will be a link when you log in saying "Check Your FICO Score Now". Everyone gets their score at the same time, on or around the 8th of each month.

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