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Re: Credit score correlations?

my-own-fico wrote:

llecs wrote:


If they reported an old debt from 6 years ago, then that has less weight than a collection that happened last month.


But how does that, one might ask, align with a score of 558 and, I assume, no bad stuff in the last five years?

I would imagine another question is how you would improve your score to the point that a mortgage can be obtained.

Also, chances are that the couple, if not already, could benefit from exchanging credit reports before the wedding day.

We can only assume here...I'm assuming OP has recent baddies in order to have a FICO at 588. I'm also assuming that he/she didn't default in his/her 18th year of life making those baddies at 5 years old. I think there are some reported that are much more recent than that. I have no doubt that if OP really hunkered down and focused on repair, he/she would see FICOs in the mid to upper 600s, if not more, within the next few months. Depends on what is reporting of course, along with mix of credit, balances on revolving credit, and so forth.