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Late payment demolished credit score

Hi new here to myFico.

I've always been good with my credit until 3 months ago

I paid a credit card off a little early and assumed it was finished until last week.

I received a call stating I was 60 days late so I made the payment then to prevent further harm.

Come to find out it was insurance charges on jewelry for my wife which amounted to less than $7.00 for all 3 months

of course another $50 in late fees though.

I monitored my credit through experian which dropped from 737 to 584 with average low use and on time payments everywhere else
I've called to see if it can be erased from my credit and was very honest and nice to my representative.

They are going to dispute it ( I'm assuming that means evaluate and possibly erase that or not )

We were supposed to begin house hunting in January.

Advice please