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aaoa calculation

so i did the math and even with my added new card my aaoa takes almost no hit! which is crazy. am i doing something wrong? 

i should be adding all accounts correct? i have no closed accounts. so lets see. im just copying and pasting from excel.



6,5,6,5,27,25,12,6,6,4 +1 month for new card and installment loan included think it counts since sep even though it was opened aug 30th. or in longer format 

5 Citizens
4 Citizens
1 Citizens
5 Freedom
4 Zync
26 Best Buy
24 Macy's
11 Kohls
5 American Eagle
5 Walmart
4 Toyota

(number is by months ive had the account counting from the first day of account)


so my aaoa goes from 9.8month to 9 months and then to 10 months next month? how does that even make sense. 

so if this is correct i just made the best desicon ever anyways, as only time will heal this. 


esentially i got an inq free 5k limit card and almost no aaoa hit. 

how is this possible. 

will be pulling my reports for sure in jan. 


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