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Taking action: 2 Inq, 1 Loan

Back in 5/12, I applied for and got a mortgage on a rental property. All this time, I have had 2 HPs on my EX report for this mortgage from the two banks I applied with ever since. All this time I presumed they counted as one HP since they were for the same loan and done on back to back days. But now, I am not so sure. 


How can you know how they count? I read a thread on here about needing to know how the HPs are "coded". I am not sure what to look for in this regard. My two HPs that I can see at list both inquiries as "All Banks- Non Specific". What should make of this?


Has anyone tried approaching EX or the other two about this type of matter? What do you do to try to find out if mutlple HPs for the same loan truly count as one or two on your report? Is this something you dispute if you feel both inquiries are being counted?

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