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Re: Taking action: 2 Inq, 1 Loan

The de-duplication of the inquiries is only within the FICO scoring algorithm so the bureaus themselves have nothing to do with it. The way the reasons for the inquiry are displayed can vary between reports depending on what service the reports are pulled from. I know that there is a request that can be made to the bureaus for "All information in the individuals credit file". It requires a specific request letter and a set payment. Search RobertEG's posts as he has mentioned it on several occasions. I don't know if this will show whether the inquiries are coded as "Mortgage inquiries" or not.


To be honest the impact of inquiry damage is minor when we are talking about the difference between 1 and 2 or 1 and 3. And FICO algorithms only count inquiries for scoring purposes for 1 year although they remain visible on reports for 2. Lastly, there is no provision with the bureaus for disputing the validity or coding of inquiries specifically under the credit laws.

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