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Re: Taking action: 2 Inq, 1 Loan

The basic distinction between so-called "hard" and "soft" inquiries is that softs are only viewable by the consumer, while hards are viewable to anyone who pulls your CR, including for credit scoring.


Thus, when you pull your own CR, all can/should be shown, so that info is not immediately evident.

However, when considering their scoring, only the so-called hards are picked up by the FICO algorithm.


There are two general ways to determine whether others see them.

First, obviously, is to get your hands on a CR pulled by someone else.  If they see them, they are "hard."

Second is to get a full, expanded CR that includes the inquiry codes, which ultimately determine who sees them.  Most commercial CRs arent too concerned with completeness, as evidenced by the lack of numerous types of information, such as inquiry codes and of showing any reported DOFD for collections and charge-offs.


The CRs available at annualcreditreport.com, established to meet the statutory mandate of one free CR each 12 months, usually tend to be more comprehensive than commercial credit reports.


One could additionally file an FCRA 609(a)(1) request with the CRA, which entitles any consumer to receive any information of record in their credit file at the time of the inquiry.  However, such requests require payment of a CRA processing fee, which is currently $11.00.