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Vantage Score Nonsense

I recently purchased my Vantage Score as well as the scores from the 3 reporting agencies. The 3 agencies place me at 791, 791, and 797 out of 850 putting me in the 98-99% category. Vantage score gave me 792 out of 950 placing me at the 59% category.  The Vantage score report text indicated that  "Your report does not show any bankcard accounts such as Visa or Mastercard" and "Your report shows you have too few credit accounts paid on time in recent months".


Clearly looking at the Experian report, it shows a Citigroup master card with a $20,000 limit and all bills paid on time for the last 10 years.


When questioning Experian about this they said the credit card did not show up because it is attached to a bonus miles  program.  (I get points for every dollar I spend using the card). When I asked them what that has to do with my creditworthiness they said that's the way the algorithms work and if I don't like it I can file file a complaint with my attorney general. 


This sounds idiotic and I hope Vantage Score buyers are aware of  this stupid and bogus reporting.