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Re: Which scores are more accurate?

rebroker212 wrote:

WhyWhy would consider score watch poor as a monitoring  service? They report on every change to your report

It's limited to EQ, and you don't actually get to see your report.  You're just alerted of a change if it meets one of the triggering criteria.  You won't see every change, though you would see most major changes.


Scorewatch is good if you're interested in keeping track of your EQ score, but if you're not so interested in the score but want to know what is on your reports, there are better priced options that will allow you to actually see the information on all three reports.  My favorite is  For $180/year my wife and I get to pull each report daily.  So $7.50/month/person.  A lot of people like USAA's credit monitoring service as well. 

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