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Re: Which scores are more accurate?
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rebroker212 wrote:

WhyWhy would consider score watch poor as a monitoring  service? They report on every change to your report

No, they don't. They only report on the changes that meet their triggers. Balance decreases are not reported, which is about 15-20 of the 20-25 changes that I have each month. Mortgage, HELOC, car is always down and I have more CCs that report less than more each month.  

For about the same money, there are products that let you monitor the information on all three CRAs. Just ignore the scores. For less money, there are several products that only monitor EX and EX is so much faster to update that there is no comparison. EX updates in hours, whereas EQ and TU take at least a day longer and usually 2-4.


What Scorewatch gives you is some monitoring along with the only really useful credit score that is available to anyone. Scorewatch combined with EX monitoring and TU free updates via CreditKarma worked fine for me.