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Re: Questions about how FICO scores disputes
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thanks!  Yeah that is valuable information, exactly what I was getting at.


I half suspected the EQ FICO was *only* dependent on their own scoring, but I wasn't sure.


Las December I got an annual credit report from all 3 CRAs, and all 3 showed a few lates on my mortgage from last july, which was incorrect for a variety of reasons.   I wasn't aware of the dispute process, and instead I called my mortgage company and they agreed the lates were erroneous, and said they removed them, which I took on face value and dropped it.


Then I applied for a refi this month and Wells Fargo said my credit scores were fine but I can't do a refi if there are any recent lates on any mortgage in my credit file.  So I knew those lates weren't removed.


I went to the 3 CRA websites to dispute the lates from my annualcreditreport from December (I was still in the window to dispute) and I discovered Transunion had, in fact, deleted the lates- they had to, because my hard copy of the free report had those lates, but when I tried to dispute they were gone.  Equifax and Experian had no change from December.  I guess my mortgage company only reports to TU, but I thought there was some sort of sharing going on between the 3 CRAs were if one showed an activity, then they all should.  Oh well.


thx again for the info.