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Re: How Mixed / Split Credit Files Happen and What to Do to Fix

llecs wrote:

I agree on your causes. Those who see have larger credit files tend to have a higher risk of a split file. That's evident by some examples in here. I also agree on #2. There are several examples in here of EQ CSRs removing the softs off the credit profile first before merging the data together. It was the softs on a limited computer file size that led to the split, which was exacerbated by the number of softs from CMSs.


I would also add a #3....a dispute. There are recorded examples in here of split files after a dispute was initiated. Now whether that was due to the added soft or the dispute triggered something, it can happen.



# 3 is a mixed credit file not a split credit file ........... I posted both mixed (which is the top half ) and Split credit file ( which is at the end)

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