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Should I open a new joint credit card

Hey all - advice please,


I am moving to europe for a year and am worried about the 3% foreign transaction fee that our joint credit card charges, If we spend $40K on our card each year, that is $1,200. Is it worth the hassle and credit impact to new joint capital one card with 0% foreign transaction fee?


Our credit history


2002 $10K car lease, fully paid all on time 

2006 $10K car lease, fully paid all on time

2008 $30K student loans - currently being paid, no late payments


1 joint credit card - opening 2008 $9K limit average balance $3,000

3 individual credit cards (2 me, 1 her) 5, 8 8 years old - total utilization $2K/$16K

Maybe 2 late payments over the last decade.


I dont know my/our score 


Now that I think about it, I may just suck it up and pay ~$1,200. Also we can try and use debit/cash more to bring that number down.